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Bamboo: One of nature's toughest materials.

Bamboo is nature's super material. It has many uses: we eat it, we wear it, we sit on it, and we can walk on it. Bamboo has been a tried and trusted product for hundreds of years. Bamboo is an eco-friendly, highly renewable source of material. As a grass, bamboo grows much faster than wood. It takes about 3–5 years for bamboo to reach full maturity. Traditional hard woods can take 20–120 years to mature. With modern technology, today's bamboo flooring are a sustainable, durable, natural and extremely hard wearing flooring option. Not only is bamboo available in natural golden tones, but also a myriad of colours, dark browns, greys and even white. There are many types of bamboo flooring on the market, ranging in price and quality. Slocum Floor Covering only carries bamboo flooring of the highest quality and finish.

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Like a tailor made suit, superior flooring is about quality craftsmanship and an excellent fit. That's why unlike most stores, we don't outsource our measuring, cutting and installation services. We know that poor craftsmanship can ruin even the best materials, which is why our skilled in-house team takes care of every installation.

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