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Long lasting, soft and luxurious.

The world of carpet keeps changing. Manufacturers are constantly bringing out new designs while old, tried and trusted designs from yesteryear are still popular in modern colours. Visit our showroom to see all the possibilities available in wool, nylon and sisal flooring.


I was one of the many people in Rosanna whose home was flooded last year. Slocum's were very helpful in quickly removing the wet carpet and helping find a suitable replacement. The team managed to get new carpet installed quickly and it looks great. I couldn't be happier. Stuart - Rosanna



Can I borrow samples of carpet?

Yes, you are welcome to borrow samples of our carpet ranges for 1-2 days duration. This timeframe allows the carpet to be seen in both daytime and nighttime lighting. Depending on your requirements, you might need multiple rounds of samples before you decide on the chosen carpet.

My wool carpet was just laid and its shedding, is this normal?

Yes, all wool carpets will shed initially after being laid. The shedding will reduce over time the more you live on and vacuum the carpet.