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Australian Timbers

Australia has a unique resource in its native hardwoods, producing some of the most durable and attractive timbers in the world. The choices are broad, from the classic Tasmanian Oak to the richness of Jarrah to the varied tones of Spotted Gums, there is nothing like the look of Australian hardwooods. Fortunate for us, all of these unique species are available in engineered (floating) form, so everyone can enjoy the beauty of them in a practical, durable form. Slocum Floor Coverings carries multiple engineered timber brands that specialise in Australian species.


I'm so happy with my new timber floors. I couldn't decide between spotted gum and jarrah, but with being able to take the samples home over the weekend, helped me make my decision. Glen was lovely to deal with, he did a great job laying the timber. Susan - Greensborough

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Like a tailor made suit, superior flooring is about quality craftsmanship and an excellent fit. That's why unlike most stores, we don't outsource our measuring, cutting and installation services. We know that poor craftsmanship can ruin even the best materials, which is why our skilled in-house team takes care of every installation.

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Are some timbers harder than others?

There can be a big difference in hardness from one type of timber to the next. To measure the ability of a timber species to withstand wear and denting, the Janka hardness rating is used. The higher the number, the greater the hardness.

Can I install floating floors myself?

We can supply you with the floating floor and underlay for you to lay yourself. Alternatively, we can arrange for our skilled team of timber layers to install it, leaving you to relax and enjoy the finished result.