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Why do we love sisal carpets?

Sisal is the natural fibre extracted from the leaves of the Agave Sisalana, a succulent plant that grows in a dry desert climate, such as the plains of Mexico, Africa, China and Brazil.
Sisal is an eco-friendly flooring option – it is a sustainable resource and is grown with minimal pesticides and herbicides, further reducing damage to the environment.
The finer, higher grade fibre is spun into yarns for an eco friendly alternative to traditional carpets.

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Our premium services

Like a tailor made suit, superior flooring is about quality craftsmanship and an excellent fit. That's why unlike most stores, we don't outsource our measuring, cutting and installation services. We know that poor craftsmanship can ruin even the best materials, which is why our skilled in-house team takes care of every installation.

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What are the benefits of sisal?

There are many benefits of sisal. Sisal is distinctive looking, an all natural product, environmentally friendly, easy to clean, affordable, a unique feel and long wearing.

Can I make a rug from Sisal?

Yes, a rug of any size can made in our Sisal and Seagrass ranges. These can be finished with fabric binding, turned edge or a self border.